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Donald James Waters is an established Australian artist with an illustrious career spanning well over three decades. While best described as a contemporary artist, Donalds artwork transcends many genres to create a truly unique yet ever evolving and eclectic style.

Donald is a man who is passionate about his art. He sees it as an adventure that must be experienced not only by the artist, but also by the viewer.  When speaking with him you can't help but be engulfed by his presence, he sees the world from a spiritual, naive and beautiful perspective. Listening to Don you are plunged into a vibrant and colourful world which he recreates onto canvas. To Don art must always remain a journey; he assimilates this to the emotion of driving into a new land and looking down into a valley he has never been before.

Don has relaxed the confines of his initial beginnings in botanical art by using stylised strokes, overemphasised characters and bold blocks of colour to shift his primary focus to that of a storyteller rather than a technically correct traditional artist. As taught by his mentor and teacher, Francis Lymburner - famous Australian Artist, movement can be derived from just a few strokes; infinite detail is not required to catch the eye. He draws from his vast experiences both on the coast and inland Australia to bring his paintings to life with a dash of humour and excitement.


Dons international career is now gaining momentum and he has been fortunate enough to take his art to every corner of the globe through a series of one-man exhibitions and as a guest artist onboard several cruise lines. His distinctive style has made its way into the catalogues of many private and corporate collectors alike, including that of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's art collection after the Queens stay at CHOGM he was asked to design paintings to decorate the dignitary reception and accommodation areas.



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